We are a group of residents of Newham, who are terrified by the prospect of the proposed MSG Sphere that will severely blight the area, cause noise and light pollution, unmanageable overcrowding and transport chaos in Stratford and Maryland. The site of the proposed scheme is as close as 250 feet to residential properties and is surrounded by densely residential buildings on all 3 sides. Please read below the list of reasons why we think this project is unacceptable.

The Proposal

The proposal aims to bring up to 60,000 people daily to Stratford for a minimum of 300 days a year. The mega-structure will be 120 wide and 96,5 meters tall, towering over Stratford's residential properties with bright advertising and events planned all through the day and night.


The impact on transport will cripple not only Stratford station but also nearby stations and will have effects in parking shortages, transport chaos and dangerous overcrowding.

Health Implications

Severe implications on air pollution, quality of life for local residents, environmental damage, unacceptable levels of increased CO2 emissions and increased crime and anti-social behaviour.

Noise and light pollution

3 years of construction including overnight construction followed by the brightest and noisiest venue London has known only few feet away from hundreds of homes.


LED lights


visitors per day




days per year

Why MSG Sphere is a bad idea

Some of the reasons why we reject the MSG proposal


Residential location

Densely residential site

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Overcrowded stations

Station death trap

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Brightest advertising

Brightest super-structure in the UK and beyond

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Traffic chaos

Traffic and parking chaos for miles

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Air pollution

Increased pollution and effects on climate

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Noise pollution

Increased noise pollution

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Loss of daylight and overshadowing

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Site could deliver housing

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Public land loss

Loss of public land to corporate greed

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How to help

Even though the deadline has passed to submit an objection there are ways you can help

You can be one of the 1000+ people to sign our petition

Sign the petition

You are also welcome to write your concerns to the mayor's office. using the references 19/00097/FUL and 19/00098/ADV for each application respectively.

For additional reading, the planning application for the main structure can be found here and for the advertising proposal here

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We thank the councilors who have signed our petitioun against MSG Sphere and would like to welcome the remaining councilors to join our cause.

Terry Paul

Nareser Osei

Sasha DasGupta

Anamul Islam

Winston Vaughan

Joy Laguda

Riaz Mirza

Jane Lofthouse

Mushtaq Mughal

Belgica Guana

Shaban Mohammed

Mas Patel

Susan Masters

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